Dear Art lovers,

The creative season in Kaunas begins with festivals of music, art, cinema and dance. We are extremely delighted that the stages of Kaunas are chosen by prominent artists from all over the world. And we are proud that some events express and highlight the distinction of city culture as well as always the renewing and changing image of the city. The festival of modern dance is one of the most impressive and controversial events because it presents not only the modern dance, the cradle of which is deservedly considered to be the city of Kaunas. The festival also presents the manifesto of spirit, posture and civil consciousness. Formerly, the modern dance was also a form of our protest like the activities of Modris Tenisonas’ pantomime troupe, like the metaphors of Jonas Jurašas’ in Drama theatre, like idioms in Aesop’s poetry. This wake-up, shake and presentation of newest tendencies to the spectator and art lover is a necessary part of life, which induces to think, to listen, to act and to move forward.

Let me sincerely congratulate the 19th Festival of Modern Dance and its organizer “Aura”, the Dance Theatre of Kaunas. Thank you for preserving the traditions of our city and for always being young, new and modern. Let me wish you great success as the creativity is the real perpetual engine.

Andrius Kupčinskas,
Mayor of Kaunas City